Zoom Pro (Grotesque) has undeniably been a labour of love for Florian Paizs, having been redesigned many times over between 2016-19. It was originally intended for a 2017 launch at The Designers Foundry 5th year anniversary, albeit on a smaller scale of 12 styles (one of the many prior versions can be seen in the branding and promotional goods from this time). A self-confessed perfectionist, Florian opted instead to push himself, growing and expanding the type family.

Over the past few years, we have teased the much-anticipated release of Zoom and as enquiries ramped up we finally settled on mid 2019 as the official launch date. We hired animators to create social media content, sent out test versions to our friends, designed a specimen etc etc. It was business as usual and things were going well but we still managed to miss our deadline. The culprit: underestimating testing and webfont production times.

Roll on August 2019, and Zoom Pro was ready to be released at long last. When delivering the final files Florian subtly mentioned, “this is the first stage, Zoom will eventually have 150+ styles, just give me a few more years ;).”

We hope to eventually offer Zoom Pro as a variable typeface. If you are interested in this please drop us a message.

Zoom Pro it is a brutal yet friendly display sans serif typeface with six widths and six weights (36 styles total) speaking full Latin Plus.

It has subtle yet distinguished calligraphic characteristics forming a bold personality, which is most evident in large sizes. Zoom Pro has many alternate glyphs and OpenType™ features making it highly adaptable and fun to use.

Purchase any collection of Zoom Pro and receive the printed specimen free.

Designed by Florian Paizs.