Tomato Grotesk is a modern grotesk family by Andrea Biggio in 18 styles. Simple geometric shapes and accentuated contrast that give it a strong display like personality. High contrast, tight spacing and ink traps make it perfect for use in print and on screens in small sizes. When used in large dimensions these features make it an extremely cheerful, versatile typeface for a range of different uses.

Tomato's extended OpenType features include alternate glyphs, ligatures, fractions, stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, numerators/denominators, superiors/inferiors, and a variety of symbols. The family consists of 9 weights (Light to Black) and 9 matching slanted versions (18 styles in total). It supports an extended Latin character set.

To celebrate the release we are giving away a free printed specimen with all collection licenses and a free specimen and tote bag with the full family. 

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