Morion Specimen

Morion Specimen

The Morion Non-Reader is a unique take on the traditional “type specimen”, it can be seen as an experiment to remove the meaning behind the written word and instead focus on the visual appearance of type in a reading format.

Under the pretext of a classic vintage reader, several layouts and text-sizes are used to display the letterforms as authentically as possible. To wink at the aesthetic fetishism that’s been seen in design in recent times, the recipient is invited to only consume forms, without being distracted by the nonsensical meaning of the written text itself.

Pages: 110

Pages Size: 118 x 180 mm

Binding: Softbound Cold Glue

Paper: Munken Print Cream 1.5, Rives Linear

PLEASE NOTE: Price is inclusive of international postage, please allow 3-6+ weeks.


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